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05 April 2013

Here at MortgageBloom there are a number of data sets we’ve compiled in order to model the mortgage market. One of the ones we most commonly need is some basic data about US ZIP codes. I first looked online, but didn’t find any suitable databases. Either they didn’t contain all the data we needed or cost serious money.

To that end, we’ve created our own list which we are sharing with you. Our data is sourced from HUD, as well as the Census. We processed this source data, and then did some cleaning work (both manual and automatic) to get everything to the high quality we needed.

The data is in CSV format which can be easily imported into Excel or the SQL database of your choice.

The columns in the data set are:

Name Description
ZIP 5-digit ZIP Code
County County containing the ZIP
State State containing the ZIP
CBSA Core Based Statistical Area
FIPS County Federal Information Processing Standard County Code
FIPS State Federal Information Processing Standard State Code

Many ZIP codes correspond to unnamed places, for those that have names these columns are also populated:

Name Description
Name Name of the place corresponding to the ZIP Code
Population 2010 Population of the ZIP Code
Housing Units 2010 Number of Housing Units in the ZIP Code
Total Area Total Area of the ZIP Code (Square Meters)
Land Area Land Area of the ZIP Code (Square Meters)


Download our ZIP Database

If you use this data you must attribute us so others can find this work. For anything on the web, a link to this page is fine. Other than that you are free to do whatever you want with this data.

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